Thursday, 28 February 2019

Endangered animals

Our partners from Spanish school presented information about endangered animals they had prepared in groups. Polish students from the 5th grade revised their knowledge about polar bears, pinguins, snow leopards and mountain gorillas.
Thank you dear mates!
We are looking forward to the next meeting in two weeks.

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Videoconference between Spain and Poland

Today, fifth graders from Spain and Poland have shared a videoconference to talk about different endangered animals and how to protect  them.
You can see some pictures. It has been a very nice experience.
We will meet again in two weeks.

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

European Union Information Centre

Tuesday was a great day in Wroclaw for our 4th graders. 

We visited the European Union Information Centre
in order to learn more about European Union. 

Tuesday, 19 February 2019


Last Saturday we had a school day. Our school organized a construction fairs with the our village association. The event was successful! There were lots of people, about 1000 visitors.

Entrepreneurship education is realized here. Our students worked in a cafe, they maked coffee, baked waffles and sell products.

Some pupils were responsible for lottely. The pupils´waste company is responsible for the garbage of the event.

Smaller pupils arranged a fairy tale and playground for children. 

Before the even we made asds, signs and price lists and all kind of arrangements.


Our 3rd and 4th graders worked on the topic of folk Fairy Tales. We made co-operation with Greece pupils.

We made first presentation of the Finnish fairy tale named The Fox and the Fisherman.

Our Greece friends send us Greece fairy tale. It is Aesop´s Fables, The Wise Cock and The Fox. 

We also sent a fairy tale to them;  The Mouse that sewed a coat for the Cat.

This projects we need english, ICT-, social history and art skills.

Friday, 8 February 2019

"Who wants to be a trillionaire?" - an Erasmus quiz

As we are approaching the last term of this project, we thought of combining ICT skills (use of PowerPoint) and gamification to indirectly assess some of the knowledge our students have acquired, regarding our partners' countries and cultural information that they have been presented during the New Skills-New Schools project.

What follows is an "Erasmus" version of a widely known TV show that we paraphrased into "Who wants to be a...Trillionaire?" - you can download the file and have a go yourselves to test how much you know! Feel free to write your score in the comment section below!