Wednesday, 26 September 2018

European Day of Languages

European day of the languages

Today, we have celebrated the European day of the langauges. A day that kids never forget because they had the opportunity to chat with their european friends by E-twinning platform.  In the presentation above, you will see how excited they were!!

European day of the languages

In Finland

In Greece

In Italy

In Lithuania

In Poland


In Romania

In Spain


Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Transnational Meeting in Poland

Our 2nd Transnational Meeting was organized in Primary School in Jaźwina, Poland. 

The meeting focused on evaluation of the first project year and planning the following one. A new topic ‘multimedia’ has been agreed for the second project year.
We started with a welcome ceremony held in the school gym where children presented their talents and introduced our guests to  the local community. A visit to school facilities was followed by lesson observations and coordinators’ meetings. During the visit partners not only observed classroom lesson they took part in the geography-history lesson in Książ and Walim. 
A special emphasize was put on learning about an eTwinning platform – Twin Space. Afterwards a presentation of its usage was provided. In order to avoid Skype problems, an eTwinning online meeting platform, a new tool for videoconferencing, has been checked and tested.
An important part of the coordinators’ meeting was an insight into the Mobility Tool.
A historical walking tour led by a tour guide in Wroclaw was a valuable way to present key questions and issues of Lower Silesia region.