Sunday, 22 April 2018

Third Erasmus + K2 project "NEWS: New Skills New Schools" Common Standards and Skills in Education, partner meeting in Lithuania

On April 16-20, 2018, the third meeting of the partners of the project "NEWS: New Skills New Schools"  was held in the Tauralaukis Progimnasium. Project guests from Italy, Spain, Greece, Finland, Poland and Romania were met with the greetings of the Tauralaukis Headteacher  Ona Šalkauskienė, with Lithuanian songs and dances taught by students. The guests watched open lessons in the pre-school group, in primary classes Lithuanian and math lessons, in older classes, lessons of the Lithuanian language, English language, mathematics, and information technologies.

The international conference "Innovative teaching methods and teachers' role using the CLIL method" was held at the Progimnasium. The conference was attended by lecturers from Vilnius, Klaipėda, Klaipėda LCC International University,  from Italy. The conference highlighted the importance of innovative teaching methods for education.

The participants of the project were given an opportunity to get to know Lithuania - to visit the Curonian Spit, Trakai and Vilnius. The students of Tauralauki's progymnasium had an excellent opportunity to use their English language skills  presenting  guided tour around old city.

Friday, 13 April 2018

Finland is the land of thousands of lakes and forests

Our school pupils have studied lakes and forests in groups. Both animals and plants have come to know. Forest

Friday, 6 April 2018

Finnish 5th and 6th grades visited in Me & MyCity

 Me & MyCity is a Finnish education innovation that has received international acclaim. Its story began in 2010. Me & MyCity is a learning concept aimed at sixth-graders and ninth-graders, covering society, working life and entrepreneurship.
The Me & MyCity learning environment for sixth-graders is a miniature city where students work in a profession and function as consumers and citizens as part of society. The learning concept includes teacher training, learning materials for ten lessons and a day-long visit to the Me & MyCity learning environment. In Finland, sixth-graders aged 12 to 13 participate in Me & MyCity under the direction of their teacher

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Say NO to ocean plastic!

Our 5th graders worked on the topic of earth and focused on the impact of plastic as a pollutant of the sea. Integrating Language, English, Science, Art and ICT, we investigated the effects of plastic and thought of ways to reduce its use in everyday life, protecting our sea too. 

The children also suggested setting up a campaign to raise awareness in the local community (other students, parents, tourists etc) about the harmful effects of plastic. They collaborated to design posters to be displayed and leaflets to be handed out. Moreover, we have planned to join the "Let's clean up Europe campaign" and clean up one of the most well-known beaches in our area ("Potamos" beach), scheduled for next month. 

The digital poster on Padlet that follows presents some of our work - and remember:

Δημιουργήθηκε με το Padlet

Course 2H - Italian 7th grade kids working on
the cross-curricular and European topic "Immigration" 

Facilitating these discussions is easier with some background knowledge about the controversial situation of immigration in Italy and in Europe in general. The current state of inclusion can be experienced at school living day by day with classmates from different countries. Education can go further and help kids building those tools required to recognize the strenghts of a multicultural society.

Course 1D - Italian 6th grade kids working on the cross-curricular topic "Global Warming" 

The topic of the Global Warning aims at promoting a sinergy between Erasmus+ tasks and the Echoschools-project that is totally focused on environmental themes. Moreover it helps triggering a more frequent use of the CLIL approach.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

The longest river in Poland

Have some fun and learn something new!

Here is a short quiz about Vistula, which is the longest Polish river. In order to start a game, please press the image below.

The Longest River

Easter cards from Poland

Dear friends from Poland,

We received your Easter cards.  Thank you. They are excellent. It is fantastic having friends around Europe!