Learning / Training Events

First Learning / Training Event

Monday 15th of January

Welcoming songs by the students
Touring the school

Students' fashion show
In one of the classrooms

Tuesday 16th of January

Attending a sculpture lesson                                                   

The team tours Cluj city centre monuments


 Wednesday 17th of January

At the "Salina Turda" salt mine
Visiting Alba Iulia citadel

Thursday 18th of January

Interior design lesson
Arts and sound through ICT presentation
Sketching lesson
Overlooking Cluj-Napoca city

Friday 19th of January

Land art and jewellery workshops


The second Learning / Training Event in Lithuania

16th-20th of April, 2018

Monday 16th of April

Project guests from Italy, Spain, Greece, Finland, Poland and Romania were met with the greetings of the Tauralaukis Headteacher  Ona Šalkauskienė, with Lithuanian songs and dances taught by students. The students of Tauralauki's progymnasium had an excellent opportunity to use their English language skills  presenting  guided tour around old city.

Tuesday 17th of April

The guests watched open lessons in the pre-school group, in primary classes Lithuanian and math lessons, in older classes, lessons of the Lithuanian language, English language, mathematics, and information technologies.

Wednesday 18th of April

The international conference "Innovative teaching methods and teachers' role using the CLIL method" was held at the Progymnasium. The conference was attended by lecturers from Vilnius, Klaipėda, Klaipėda LCC International University,  from Italy. The conference highlighted the importance of innovative teaching methods for education.

Thursday 19th of April

The participants of the project were given an opportunity to get to know Lithuania - to visit the Curonian Spit in Kursiu Nerija and participate in natural science lesson

Friday 20th of April
History lesson  visiting Trakai and Vilnius

The third Learning / Training Event in Madrid (Spain)

12th-16th of November, 2018

The colleagues will be involved in a training programme of activities around the improvement of the key competences that marks the European framework. Likewise, they will visit the school facilities to know the reality of our educational center, they will observe the development of some classes and assist to conferences about CLILL (Content Led Integrated Language Learning), inclusion and the Spanish education and assessment system.

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