Wednesday, 28 November 2018

                              Last week, Romanian students started to make some mosaics.
                                                 You can see an example here. for more,
                                                     you have to visit Romanian Page.

Dissemination of Spanish Meeting in our local mass-media ”Faclia”-newspaper
Diseminarea intalnirii din Madrid in presa din Cluj, Ziarul Faclia

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Activity with the short movie on Bulliyng "El Sandwich de Mariana" 

SUBJECTS: Foreign Language (Spanish), Art (cinema), Language, Civil Values.

Students were asked to watch the short movie and then pick up the 4 most significant scenes that could resume the whole story. Then they had to shortly describe the content of each scene (using foreign language: Spanish).


Clic here to watch the Short Movie 

Monday, 19 November 2018

Monday, 12 November 2018


Third training week of the project, this time the hosts were in the Spanish capital, Madrid.
5 days of a formative week full of activities around inclusion, learning new technologies, key competences and all those aspects that improve the edutional quality of our classrooms and increase our passion for education.


We started the week with the presentation of the school to the different delegations. A moment that we will never forget because we expected the visit with great emotion.  The welcoming ceremony began with the headmistress speech, followed by the coordinator of the project in our school and the presentation of the delegations to the local authorities and as a closing of the event, the dance group of the school prepared some traditional dances where they showed us their incredible skills artistic.

Headmistress of the school

district councilo

During the morning the teachers were able to see the facilities of the center guided for some pupils of the school and to attend some classes on manipulative mathematics and an art workshop. We believe that learning mathematics for many pupils is experential meaning that active involvement in the topic being studied will enhance a pupils’ learning.

In the afternoon, the group of teachers visited an old school transformed into an awesome planetarium by retired teachers and enthusiasts of astronomy. A group of science experts that taught us different possibilities and attractive resources to explain the different concepts of the universe.


The morning started with a conference about CLIL: “Theoretical basis and practical tips to design a CLILL unit”. The collegues had the chance to design a task about Astronomy taking into account the 4Cs: Cognition, Communication, Content and Culture. 

Next, the coordinators attended to a conference about Europass carried out by a responsible from the Spanish National Agency (SEPIE). It was really interesting because she clarified us so many doubts about the document.

Meanwhile, the rest of delegations continued with their observation classes and the art workshop about Collage with a local artist.

Madrid is a very easy city to explore on foot as most of the key sights -- palaces, churches, and museums -- are closely grouped in and around the central narrow-alleyed Austrias district so… in the afternoon, we attended to a walking city tour to discover the historical wonders that the city offers.

During the school morning, teachers attended to conferences about the main traits that define our school: inclusion and diversity. 

Besides, the head of the studies of the school, explained to the attendees how the educational and assessment Spanish system works and after all,  our 5th  graders presented to the audience digital presentations in English about famous painters because our Erasmus teachers were going to visit the Reina Sofia Museum in the afternoon. A day full of content, creativity and passion for education.


Who said that a history class could not be fun? Today our class has been in the fascinating Toledo.

Toledo, a World Heritage city, is one of the oldest cities in Europe and is known as the "City of the Three Cultures", since Christians, Muslims and Jews lived together in it. Going through its historic center we can see buildings from practically all periods of history: Arabic, Gothic, Mudejar, Renaissance and Baroque.

Going on  excursions with students is a good way to contextualize the contents you have done in class in a fun and meaningful way. Besides, it helps them to remember the theory better and to motivate themselves for future tasks.


Last day of the mobility and, although we are sad because the training week is over, it is time to reflect on how lucky we are for having such a huge project in our professional lifes.

Erasmus+ is an unique opportunity to improve your competences at any level and enormously inspires you to continue with your passion about education. It coudnt be better!

Next station....FINLAND!

Friday, 2 November 2018

Finnish fairy tale


Dissemination of Spanish meeting in Romanian local newspaper - ”FACLIA”


Autumn in Cluj-Napoca
paintings made by Romanian students (14 years old)
Liceul de Arte Vizuale "romulus Ladea"