Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Say NO to ocean plastic!

Our 5th graders worked on the topic of earth and focused on the impact of plastic as a pollutant of the sea. Integrating Language, English, Science, Art and ICT, we investigated the effects of plastic and thought of ways to reduce its use in everyday life, protecting our sea too. 

The children also suggested setting up a campaign to raise awareness in the local community (other students, parents, tourists etc) about the harmful effects of plastic. They collaborated to design posters to be displayed and leaflets to be handed out. Moreover, we have planned to join the "Let's clean up Europe campaign" and clean up one of the most well-known beaches in our area ("Potamos" beach), scheduled for next month. 

The digital poster on Padlet that follows presents some of our work - and remember:

Δημιουργήθηκε με το Padlet


  1. This padlet work is very captivating and interesting. Congratulations!

  2. Excellent work! Congratulations to students and teachers!

  3. In Poland, we say NO to plastic and mamy people are conscious about it.
    Each year we celebrate the Earth Day. And you?

    1. That's good to hear! There is no formal celebration of Earth Day in Greece, only isolated events and activities. However, an increasing number of people is becoming aware of the impact of plastic on earth.

  4. Good morning! We are students from Madrid, Spain. Today we are going to comment about the plastic article: We have to protect the environment because if not, we don’t have food.

  5. Hello I stody in Francisco Fatou school. I am sad for the ocean with plastic. Congratulations for the article students.

  6. Hello we are students of 6th grade and now we are going to comment your article.
    We like your text because we think what your information is perfect and lets’ hope it comes true.

  7. Hello we are students of 6th grade of Spain. We are reading your news, and we think that it is a good idea protecting the nature.

  8. Hello!! We are 4th grade students for Spain.
    It is an interesting article. We hope that people don't leave plastic in the sea. It is very important to protect the enviroment.

  9. Some shocking information that has come to our attention after we worked on the issue of plastic can be found at: