Thursday, 8 February 2018


We say goodbye to Cluj-Napoca with very good feelings and with the desire to transmit what we have learnt to our entire educational community.

During the week, we could enjoy Art Workshops where other subjects were included as well: Maths and Arts, ICTs were combined with music and a wide range of artistic tasks and many more activities that gave us the opportunity to experience daily life of this school of artists.

We also attended a class about the creation of jewelery with elements of nature. It was gorgeous and extremely original. Congratulations!

We would like to thank you to the amazing team of Romanian team who made this movility even more incredible.

Here we are the whole awesome group. During the week we were able to hear some interesting presentations about art. For example, how do we read art.

 One workshop was a ceramic work.
We made the masks and we had fun!
Thanks to the teacher for patience;)

Pupils study the meaning of colors.

Drawing was challenging but rewarding.

Land art


Jewelery Making inspiration

In Finland, the boys taught other students to the secret world of colors in English.

SEN system at school
Ceramic workshop

Drawing tips

Sketching tips

Working with stones_Land art
Future of arts _ lecture

Arts and Sound through ICT

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