Monday, 6 November 2017

Finnish multidisciplinary learning module


                       SUOMI 100 - HAAPAJÄRVI 40

The new core curriculum for basic education that was implemented in schools contains some changes that might have given rise to the misunderstanding of abolishing separate school subjects. In order to meet the challenges of the future, the focus is on transversal (generic) competences and work across school subjects. Collaborative classroom practices, where students can work with several teachers simultaneously during periods of phenomenon-based project studies are emphasized.

The pupils should participate each year in at least one such Multidisciplinary learning module. These modules are designed and implemented locally. The core curriculum also states that the pupils should be involved in the planning.

We started today and our Multidisciplinary learning module is Finland 100 - Haapajärvi 40.

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  1. Engaging the students in the planning of the units, makes them more motivated in their learning process. It is more meaningful and close to your interests and needs.I really like the idea, nice topic.